Proxima | "We can't outsource sales!"

You know the importance of the sales function to your enterprise. You know that revenue growth matters. So why would you consider using Proxima to accelerate sales?

Good question. For startups, companies launching a new product, and firms that need to add sales channels to grow, it's hard to find the budget for a qualified, experienced sales manager--let alone the team of support staff required to get the best results.

You can hang onto your cash flow, free up your time to make bigger decisions that affect your company's future, and lower the risks of making a hiring decision by engaging with a sales outsourcing company to build your sales pipeline.

Proxima distributes our efforts to the right tasks throughout an engagement. We can specify the steps in the process, carry them out, and follow the best leads through the sales funnel we outline for your company. Instead of hiring a marketing director...a copywriter...a lead-gen firm...appointment setters...account executives...and a VP-Sales to rule them all...wouldn't you really rather pay for results, delivered by a vendor that handles those details?

The first step is a consultation. It's free. It's short (we're the sales experts, and we know better than to waste your time or ours). Make that appointment here.

FAQ on Sales Acceleration

Who's doing it? Many companies use a vendor for payroll, accounting, distribution and more. Growing companies find that putting sales development in the hands of an outside firm lets them increase revenue while controlling overhead.

Is outsourcing sales common? According to D&B researchers, sales and marketing is the third-most-active area for outsourcing (after finance and IT). Direct channels are critical routes into the marketplace for any B2B presentation, but building the networks and skills to be effective in the direct channel takes time. Proxima can help with that.

Isn't it risky to let an outside firm represent our brand? Yes. That is a concern all our new clients share. We address it with transparency and competence. In the words of Bear Bryant, legendary coach, it ain't bragging if it's true. And the truth is: we have had clients who tried our services and weren't delighted, so we parted ways; we have had clients who engaged us for a limited scope, then attempted to hire their project manager away from us; we have had clients use our teams to show growth and sell the company to investors...but we have NEVER had a client suggest or imply that our sales team embarrassed them. We use US-based employees to staff 100% of our accounts. We don't cut corners to 'save overhead' then pass along shoddy connection quality, unreliable working hours and incomprehensible accents to our clients (not naming any competitors here). We wouldn't want our brand to be represented that way, and we'll never do that to you.