How to get 'there' from here

Proxima B2B is led by experienced, professional sales experts. While we use every trick in the social/digital/F2F book to identify our best prospects, that's only the start of our sales activities for our clients. Developing, nurturing, and qualifying those new contacts, to deliver increased revenue from your new customers--that's where we're headed.

how we can help

Proxima B2B' direct sales teams...
-Research and plan, working with you to identify your best prospects
-Develop those contacts into conversation partners, qualifying them for more effort
-Negotiate deals and specify the engagement
-Close contracts with your new customers

You can manage your cash flow, and lower the costs of making a hiring decision right now, by engaging Proxima B2B to build your sales pipeline. If you're wondering whether this is right for your business, check out our client testimonials here.

The first step is a strategy session. It's free. It's short (we're the sales experts, and we know better than to waste your time or ours).

FAQ on Proxima B2B

What can you do for our company? A Proxima B2B project builds on what you already know--about your firm, your customers and your products. Working together, using a process we developed for software firms and have used with hundreds of clients, our projects include discovery, planning, execution and transition. Let us build the pipeline. We can hand off a process that works to your inside staff, or continue to work it with an outsourced team.
Why do we need that? We have a great product. From years of experience delivering sales projects, our experts know that nothing--no matter how effective/aggressively priced/perfectly executed/shiny and beautiful--actually sells itself. If your product or service solves a business problem, you need B2B specialists to present it to your best prospects.
Isn't it risky to let an outside firm represent our brand? Yes. That is a concern all our new clients share. We address it with transparency and competence. In the words of Bear Bryant, legendary coach, it ain't bragging if it's true. And the truth is: we have had clients who tried our services and weren't delighted, so we parted ways; we have had clients who engaged us for a limited scope, then attempted to hire their project manager away from us; we have had clients use our teams to show growth and sell the company to investors...but we have NEVER had a client suggest or imply that our sales team embarrassed them.
We use US-based employees to staff 100% of our accounts. We don't cut corners to 'save overhead' then pass along shoddy connection quality, unreliable working hours and incomprehensible accents to our clients (not naming any competitors here). We wouldn't want our brand to be represented that way, and we'll never do that to you.

You're not buying advice, appointments or're buying results.If you're not delighting your partners, staff or investors with steady growth, let us take a look. Through a deep dive into your sales processes & existing revenue streams, Proxima B2B designs a sales strategy that meets your goals for new business. Then we do the lifting.

Modern tools, classic process

Reliable growth isn't a matter of luck.

Whether you're in startup and looking for your first dozen enterprise clients, or rolling out your new solution to a market that knows your brand's history of success, you need sales expertise. Repeatable processes, driving predictable growth, allow you to commit that your business solution will be there for your customers year after year..

Your company's bottom line

When you think about next quarter's sales, or about valuing your company, you're wondering where revenue will come from. Proxima B2B specializes in assessing, predicting and affecting sales outcomes. With 15 years of experience in outsourced sales, we know what screw to turn when it's time to raise revenue expectations.

Looking at the whole picture...

Which is clearer?