Proxima means 'next'

Your best potential customers, the source of the revenue you expect this year, are curious about how you can make their jobs easier. They're also short on time and focused on their own quarterly or annual goals. Proxima Sales' experienced, insightful and professional sales teams know what's next to close new customers for you.

Proxima can evaluate your situation, develop a sales plan, deploy our sales team to find the next (or the first) customers you weeks, not years.

Our model is results-based. We earn a percentage of the new growth our team develops for your company--so the new revenue you see doesn't require new staffing or other overhead expenses. You pay only for the activities that generate new revenue, no pencil-sharpening time or HR-required trainings. Just smart, commission-driven sales staff representing your brand to your strongest leads.

In less than an hour, we can learn enough about you to provide:

  • a proposal for sales services, or
  • a referral to one of our partners, or
  • our assurance that you're doing everything right already.
So you can't lose. Make that appointment today.