"So...what do you do?"

We build revenue for companies that are already doing a lot of things right.

From years of experience delivering sales acceleration projects, our sales experts know that nothing, no matter how effective/aggressively priced/perfectly executed/shiny and beautiful, actually sells itself. If your product or service solves a business problem, you need business sales specialists to present it to your best prospects.

First, though, the Proxima process takes what you already know--about your firm, your customers and your products--and finds those good prospects. Working together, with your current sales assets, we develop a prospect profile. Then, using a process we developed for software firms and have used with hundreds of clients, our projects include discovery, planning, execution and transition. Let us build the pipeline. We can hand off a process that works to your inside staff, or continue to work it with an outbound team.

The first step is a consultation. It's free. It's short (we're the sales experts, and we know better than to waste your time or ours). In less than an hour, we can learn enough about you to provide a proposal, a referral to one of our partners or just our assurance that you're doing everything right already. So you can't lose. Make that appointment here.