"Can your team sell a training tool that fits in a mobile device?"

Does your product help managers incentivize staff to do the profitable things first? Have you solved the problem of wasted hours putting new hires in the training room, to nap through the video? Can recruiters fill the applicant tracking system 'magically', using your solution, so they can use their time effectively? We need to talk.

Here's the big secret explaining how Proxima's sales teams stay busy, year after year, in the volatile and rapidly changing human resources IT field: There is nothing that sells itself...no matter how wonderful the product, business users want to be informed in a consultative selling process, not "sold" a set of features from a new vendor.

ProximaB2B can evaluate your solution, develop a sales plan, and find the next (or the first) customers you need.

we can learn enough about you to provide a proposal, a referral to a partner or just assurance that you're doing everything right already. So you can't lose. Make that appointment here.