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Proxima sells the software that make enterprises work. We can present your product to the North American market next month. With offices in 4 time zones, Proxima's sales staff can contact your best prospective customers--on their schedules.

Proxima Sales can evaluate your situation, develop a sales plan, and find your next (or your first) customers in the US and Canada. We bill a percentage of the new sales we develop for your company--so the new revenue you see doesn't require staffing or other overhead expenses. You pay commission on your new customers, no US office required. Just an educated sales staff representing your brand to your strongest leads.

In less than an hour, we can learn enough about you to provide:

  • a proposal for sales services, or
  • a referral to one of our partners.
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recent projects

Yes, there IS an 800 lb gorilla. But who wants to depend on a wild animal for event planning? The client built a better solution for marketing departments and associations, helping them to make more productive conventions at lower cost. They'd sold enterprise-level accounts across the EU. The problem? The US market wasn't as receptive to their feature set. Small differences in organizational structures, extended across the sales process, created big gaps between the benefits and US-market needs.

Proxima's scope of work:

  • Map out the features of the tool, to match the needs analysis of the typical buyers in the US market
  • Discover the right roles at the right trade and professional associations
  • Introduce the product
  • Specify the contracts
No new hires, no investment in a US office, billed as a percentage of the new revenue created.

3 years of back-end coding. 5 months of design. All for 7 customers? This firm--you'll be using their product soon--had given the product to everyone they knew in beta, and actually sold it to all the other startups at their incubator site. But marketing (oh did they ever have marketing materials, developed by the firm their investors sent over) wasn't creating new user accounts. Without a critical mass of paid end users, the company's goals were unreachable.

The Proxima scope of work for this project: Find the pattern of successful presentations; make the contacts; finally, bring in the new contracts. We freed up the executive manager to find the partnerships he needed to attain the long-term goal: Integrate the product with a browser. No new hires, no additional overhead, billed as a percentage of the new revenue created.

Secure data, all around the world A startup, based in Italy and doing business across the EU, provides US government agencies, banks and IT firms with cloud plus hardware security for critical data. Their problem: Since most of their customers prefer a low-profile vendor and refuse to be named “for security purposes,” outside a tight personal network the founders developed during business school in Florida, their brand is unknown. 

Proxima was hired to provide 100% of client’s North American sales efforts (US and Canada). Unlike most of our clients, the security firm requested that we not name their firm or reference customers until very late in the sales process. Our challenge was to present our client’s credentials, and service offerings, to appropriate corporate decision-makers, so convincingly that NDAs were signed before reference information was revealed. This way, our client’s low profile was maintained...and their expertise was introduced to a new market in just 6 months. 

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