"So...know anything about finance management tools?"

Does your product replace a muddle of spreadsheets for credit union managers? Bolt on to a customer database to track micropayments? Solve a data tracking problem for P&C insurance firms? We need to talk.

Here's the big secret explaining how Proxima's sales teams stay busy, year after year, in the volatile and rapidly changing financial IT field: There is nothing that sells itself...no matter how wonderful the product, business users want to be informed in a consultative selling process, not "sold" a set of features from a new vendor.

Proxima Sales can evaluate your solution, develop a sales plan, and find the next (or the first) customers you need.

In less than an hour, we can learn enough about you to provide a proposal, a referral to a partner or just assurance that you're doing everything right already. So you can't lose. Make that appointment here.